The Flight Display Cabin Management System is designed to provide complete cabin control via user interfaces called Cabin Control Modules (CCM). Aircraft Audio/Video sources, lights, shades, etc., can be managed from a touchscreen CCM or a combination of push button CCM from anywhere within the aircraft. The Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus works as the communication backbone for the entire system. The Select CMS is highly configurable and will allow for personalized customization.

OLED Aircraft Cabin Control Modules from Flight Display Systems


  • CAN Controller Area Network
  • CANdo Controller Area Network USB Adapter
  • CCM Cabin Control Module
  • LS Driver Low Side Driver
  • HS Driver High Side Driver
  • VCS Video Crosspoint Switch
  • ACS Audio Crosspoint Switch
  • HDVCS High Definition Video Crosspoint Switch
  • AIN Accessory Interface Node
  • OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode
  • I/O Modules Input/Output Modules
  • IFE In Flight Entertainment
  • AGC Automatic Gain Control
  • PA Pilot Announcement