Flight Display Systems Introduces JetJukebox Wireless Media Streamer

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Flight Display Systems Introduces JetJukebox Wireless Media Streamer

Las Vegas, Nevada — March 25, 2013 — Flight Display Systems introduces the JetJukebox, an exciting new product for aircraft cabin entertainment. JetJukebox is a wireless box that allows passengers to enjoy media in the aircraft. That includes the ability to watch videos, listen to music, view photos, share files and even watch World-Wide Moving Maps on smart phones, tablets, or laptop computers.

Link to Download Sales Sheet (PDF)

“Initial feedback from dealers and aircraft owners has been phenomenal,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “Once you play with it, the value becomes obvious. Almost everyone who tries it, wants one.”

Flight Display Systems Introduces JetJukebox Wireless Media Streamer

Product highlights:

  • Utilizes the aircraft’s existing wireless network
  • Streams media to up to eight simultaneous users
  • Content stored either on the internal JetJukebox hard drive or attached thumb-drive
  • Includes a super fast 240GB solid state internal hard drive (SSD)
  • Holds as many as 100 DVD quality movies
  • Includes World Wide Moving Map

Flight Display Systems approached the project with a goal of providing a cost effective alternative to hard-wired media streamers that utilizes fixed video monitors. Because JetJukebox utilizes the passengers personal device as the monitor and the aircraft’s existing wireless network as the data conduit, it presents a monumental cost savings over conventional, hard wired aircraft media streamers. JetJukebox is also very easy for passengers use because it allows them to select and view movies on personal devices they already know how to operate.

JetJukebox is essentially a small rectangular unit measuring only 6.35″ (W) x 1.95″ (H) x 9.75″ (D). It can be inconspicuously mounted anywhere near the aircrafts wireless router and draw power directly from the router. JetJukebox is completely self contained and needs no Internet connection.

Passengers access JetJukebox content by entering a simple URL on the web browser of their personal digital device. The passenger is then presented with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that allows him/her to select any of the content (movies, music, or photos) available on the hard drive(s) or watch the Flight Display Systems World Wide Moving Map.

The Flight Display Moving Map allows passengers to track their flight’s progress in real time. It uses computer generated satellite imagery to display an accurate replication of the Earth’s surface including cities, borders, airports, and other landmarks to enhance the visual effect. It also displays key flight data including speed, altitude, time of arrival, and more.

The JetJukebox is available starting today with a list price of $12,000. Contact your local avionics dealer or visit www.FlightDisplay.com for more information.

About Flight Display Systems
Flight Display Systems has three main market segments: In-flight Entertainment Equipment, Cabin Management Systems, and Military and Special Mission products. The company manufactures over 120 unique in-flight entertainment products targeted at the retrofit and refurbishment market. These products include the Flight Display Moving Map, high-definition LCD monitors from 5- to 55-inches in size, Blu-ray and DVD players, and a line of iPod, iPad, and iPhone accessories. The Select Cabin Management System is specifically tailored for VIP aircraft from 4 to 35 passengers. Flight Display Systems also manufactures ruggedized LCD monitors used in military surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. This includes NVG compliant and touch-screen monitors.

For more information visit: www.FlightDisplay.com

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Fly HD – Full Line of High-Definition Products

We have introduced Fly HD™, a totally new concept in aircraft video technology. Fly HD is a complete High-Definition system that is easy to install and provides full 1080p video quality. There’s a High-Definition transformation happening in the video world and many aircraft cabin avionics are quickly becoming outdated. Aircraft owners are looking for simple, cost-effective ways to upgrade aircraft video systems.

See the video now! http://www.flightdisplay.com/video/fly_hd_for_corporate_aircraft_and_business_jets

We had two goals when designing Fly HD: build high quality components and make them simple to install. These goals were achieved by engineering the components to use HD-SDI signals on the common coaxial cable that is already installed on many aircraft. This reduces the number of converters required and limits the amount of rewiring necessary. Fewer converters + less rewiring = lower total cost for a full 1080p HD video system.

The Fly HD components fall into three categories:

  1. High-Definition Widescreen Monitors,
  2. HD-SDI Backbone Switches and Converters, and
  3. High-Definition Source Equipment.

High-Definition LCD Monitors

High-Definition Sources

High-Definition Backbone

“We’ve been working towards creating an end-to-end High-Definition system like this for years,” says David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “Now we have cracked the code to perfect aircraft HD video that delivers true VIP experience for in-flight entertainment and other video.”

The Fly HD monitors from Flight Display Systems are available for a variety of functions, sized from 7” to 55” in Widescreen format. The smaller 7” and 10” can be attached to arm mounts for cockpit usage. Larger widescreen displays are typically used on bulkheads and in custom-built consoles. An extensive photo gallery is available at http://www.FlightDisplay.com/photos/

The key to the system is HD-SDI, which can transmit a full uncompressed 1080p High-Definition signal via one coaxial cable. HD-SDI cabling is a thin coaxial cable with BNC connectors. Flight Display Systems provides several HD-SDI crossover switches, allowing multiple sources to be transmitted to multiple monitors.

We manufacture High-Definition source equipment such as a 1080p cockpit camera, however the 1080p monitors are perfectly suitable for existing surveillance camera equipment. Our Special Mission and Law Enforcement customers use the High-Definition Digital Video Recorder for mission tracking and playback.

Products in the Fly HD line can be found at http://www.FlightDisplay.com/products/category/fly_hd

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Select CMS on the iPad

Flight Display Systems announces an exciting addition to our Cabin Management System, Select CMS Platinum. Users of our CMS can now control cabin electronics with their iPad. This release works with the original iPad, the iPad 2, the third generation iPad and the iPhone. The interface will be familiar as it is similar to our existing Cabin Control Modules (CCM). However, users can opt for an interface that is more Apple-centric. The app is free to download from the App Store, but requires Select CMS Platinum to operate.

“So many of our clients have an iPad at hand anyway, it only makes sense to be able to use it for cabin management.” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems.

The Select CMS iPad app allows passengers to view our Moving Map with zoom capability. Additionally, users can watch streaming video from our cockpit camera. The app can be customized to match the capabilities of any Select CMS configuration.

Select CMS Platinum allows VIPs the convenience of managing entertainment and information with the touch of a button. Switch or dim the lights. Access movie and music libraries. Signal an attendant. View Moving Map and live flight information. Now all of this is possible with the iPad family of tablets.

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New Videos Section with Many Aircraft CMS Products

Please see our brand new hands-on video gallery at www.FlightDisplay.com/videos  We have over 50 video clips showing our most popular products.

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Behind the Scenes Video: iPad with Moving Map and CMS

Take a look at some new technologies in the Research & Development lab at Flight Display Systems.

This video was filmed in November 2011.

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Falcon 50 Photos and Video

Our dealer in Switzerland, RUAG Aviation, has completed a Falcon 50 refurbishment project. So now we are proud to announce that Select CMS is flying and active in Europe! Click the photo to see all media for this story.

Aircraft iPad Arm Mount in Falcon 50 cabin

RUAG Geneva (aka RUAG Switzerland) has also provided us with this awesome video that shows a brief walk-through of their interior refurbishment project on the Falcon 50.

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Gulfstream IV (G4) CMS Photos

We have just added several beautiful new photographs from a Gulfstream IV. This aircraft received a complete FAA STC for the cabin management system (Select CMS) by Flight Display Systems.

G4 with Cabin Interior and CMS, Click for More Photos

The end customer is very impressed with our CMS. The aircraft management provided us with the following testimonial:

“I have really been impressed with Flight Display Systems,” said Steve Holmes, President and Owner of Gulf Coast Aviation. “Their support during and after installation has been fantastic. We made some customizations for the owner which were extremely simple to do. The entire system is easy for my charter staff to understand and operate.”

This installation was performed at the Gulfstream Aerospace Savannah center as part of a large cabin refurbishment project. For any questions, call Flight Display Systems at +1-678-867-6717.

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Hawker 800 Cabin Interior Photos

We just added these new pictures from a Hawker 800 installation at PDK Airport here in Atlanta, Georgia. The installation was performed by The Maintenance Group. These switches control the galley appliances and reading lights.

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Aircraft Cabin Switches Images (CMS Switch)

Here are a few new images from a recent installation of the Flight Display Systems CMS.

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New Customers Give Vote of Confidence

As of March 2011, Flight Display Systems has been selected to design and produce Cabin Management Systems for the following new aircraft retrofit projects:

  • Boeing B757
  • Cessna Bravo
  • Challenger 601-3A
  • Gulfstream GV
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-81
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-87

Previously, we have shipped full hardware and successfully installed our Select Cabin Management System (Select CMS) for these aircraft types:

  • Airbus A319-CJ
  • Boeing B737
  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Eurocopter EC145
  • Falcon 50
  • Gulfstream GII
  • Gulfstream GIII
  • Gulfstream GIV
  • Hawker 800
  • Pilatus PC-12

As you can see, Select CMS is versatile enough to meet the needs of all types of aircraft. From a Cessna Citation Mustang to a Boeing B757, Flight Display Systems is ready for your next project.

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