Cessna Mustang

Flight Display Systems In-Flight Entertainment products installed in a Cessna Citation Mustang

Cessna Citation Mustang with IFE in-flight entertainment

Full cabin shot showing the Mustang with 7-inch LCDs

Cessna Citation Mustang entertainment options

Side view of the interior shows OLED buttons

Cessna Mustang IFE with LCD for DVD and Blu-rays

7-inch LCD in Drink Rail plus iPod Cable Adapter (Behind seat back)

CitationJet Mustang with Entertainment Options and Passenger LCD

Side view showing FDCCM1 (Single OLED button) and 7-inch LCD and Arm Mount

Bob Hala for Flight Display Systems

Passenger listens to music on his iPod including FDCCM1-A

Hand pulling out the LCD from drink rail

The Quick-Release version of Flight Display Systems LCD Arm Mount

Hardware for IFE Equipment in Select CMS

Mounted underneath the seat is the “brains” of the system

Flight Display Systems gives aircraft owners a complete in-flight entertainment package, including:

  • Flight Display Moving Map with Worldwide Satellite Imagery
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad Adapter Cable – Charge Batteries and Share Music!
  • New DVD/CD Player with SD Card, USB Media Inputs
  • Six Audio Channels. Provides Up To 90+ Hours of MP3 Music
  • Two New 7-inch Widescreen LCD Monitors with Contoured Design
  • Four OLED Passenger Switching Panels and Headphone Jack