Falcon 50

RUAG Switzerland Ltd has successfully completed the first European installation of the Select Aircraft Cabin Management System on a Dassault Falcon 50.

Aircraft iPad Arm Mount in Falcon 50 cabin


Aircraft iPad Arm Mounts for Falcon 50 Customer

The RUAG Switzerland aircraft cabin retrofit includes many of Flight Display Systems’ most popular products, such as:

  • 4.3″ Touchscreen LCD featured at the VIP seat to allow for customized control of audio and video selections, adjust lighting, or to call for an flight attendant. (p/n FDCCM43)
  • 7″ Touchscreen LCD installed in the galley to assist the flight staff in providing service to passengers. (p/n FDCCM7)
  • Multiple 3-Button OLED Displays for simple push-button operations by the VIP passengers. (p/n FDCCM3)
  • Wireless Audio Transmitter providing wireless surround sound entertainment throughout the aircraft cabin.
  • The Blu-ray and DVD player, first introduced at EBACE 2009, allows business aircraft to offer a modern movie library on bulkhead monitors. (p/n FD932DVD-BLU)
  • Two 15-inch LCD Monitors provide comfortable viewing of the in-flight video entertainment with gorgeous color and clarity. (p/n FD151CV-LP)
  • Multiple iPad Arm Mounts allow for comfortable and adjustable viewing of the VIP customer’s mobile device. This detachable mount helps keep the table area free for other necessities, such as dining or paperwork. This popular product is available in both black and almond text color. (p/n FDARM-IPD)
  • iPod Docking Station allows the VIP customer to charge their iPod or play music from an iPhone during flight, sharing entertainment with the entire cabin. (p/n FDIPD-MD Ver 2)
  • Two iPad Adapter Cables installed in the cockpit allow pilots to charge the iPad battery and use Jeppesen charts during flight. (p/n FDMEDPLR-3QR)

Customers have chosen Flight Display Systems’ Aircraft Cabin Management System because it offers a full high-definition video backbone along with easy to use menu screens. Avionics shops love the easy installation and customer support.

"With many completed aircraft already flying in the United States, we are eager to grow into the European market," said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems.

After the completed retrofit, a representative from RUAG Geneva had glowing remarks for Flight Display Systems. “Their knowledge and understanding of the VIP customer’s needs has allowed us to create an impressive entertainment experience using their Select CMS product line,” said Lionel Salavin, Project Engineer at RUAG Switzerland Ltd. “Flight Display Systems was with us every step of the way. We look forward to working with them again.”

For any questions on this installation, or to receive a quote on a CMS for your aircraft, contact Nick Gray at +1-404-518-9842.